After herniating a disc in my lumbar spine and being off work for 8 months, I found it very difficult to do massage on a conventional table. I purchased an electric lift table to see if having the ability to adjust the height several times throughout a treatment would help alleviate my back pain. I found great success in a very short period of time. To be able to adjust the height helped to decrease my amount of flexion during treatment which helped my disc problem to heal and still allowed me to continue working. I would strongly suggest an electric lift table for any massage therapist that has any kind of back pain or who would like a long career in the massage field.

Lou Therrien, RMT

I have been using this table lift in the clinic I work at for the past four years and I LOVE IT! Very sturdy, comfortable, reliable and safe for all of my patients. The lift has a huge range of motion, very smooth going up and down. I so very much enjoy the quality of this table lift!

Brenda-Lynn Ukrainec